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Gascoigne and Liaoningornis

You thought these guys would never meet? :) Well, you'd be right, at least,
they met for a short time accordingly to a Dutch newspaper...

When travelling to the university this morning, as usual, it's time to get
updated with the news and with sports ;) Of course. Although football is not
on of my favorite sports, my heart has a special place for players (if you
could call the following guy like that ;)) like Paul Gascoigne, so when a
small part of the sports page was dedicated to him, I just had to read it.
Here's the part that's interesting:

"PEKING -- Paul Gascoigne did not succeed to convince China of his football
qualities. The former English international trained the last few days in
Peking as a test with Liaoning Bird, but could not impress."

Funny to read that a football team is named Bird with Liaoning in it's
name... :)


Rutger Jansma