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Unimaginative Kids...

Darryl Jones wrote-
Sadly, I have to agree with both. I have taken classes to the ROM recently and it infuriates me when the children (10 and 11) stand in front of the artifact/dinosaur/painting and watch the TV that is there describing it!!!! They don't even look at the item itself!!!!

Why not? The artifact (man-made, fossil, etc.) doesn't move and the T.V. is so familiar, and flashy, with lights and movement. What do you think would be the most attractive to today's little dried sponge brains?

They are used to being entertained, have no imagination (sweeping generalization, I know, but I am making a point), and don't want to think about what they are seeing.

And yet again, we find R. Bradbury so true...

Unless you care to begin with, most museums are just a bunch of mouldy dead things. We have to teach an appreciation. To do that, we need to get kids to care.

Yes, and we can do this by either: 1) shutting off the mind waster (whatever it may be), and getting the kid to do something that will truly stimulate brain activity in a positive way; 2) putting more stuff on T.V., computer, etc. that is actually going to teach the kids something, because let's face it, most kids only know about the stupid dinosaur websites that don't teach anything; or 3) threatening them with a dangerous weapon (i.e. shotgun, auto-rifle, high-voltage taser, duct tape, spork, etc.) to love and honor mouldy dead things, sort of like a shotgun wedding, like "hug the tyrannosaurid, Timmy, I have an itchy finger when it comes to plastic eating utensils". Personally, I like 3 more than 1 or 2, but I imagine 1 or 2 would be more effective. ;)

Seeing it with their parents (who often thought it was boring) left little wonder in them.

Where do you think the kids get it from...

Nick Gardner

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