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Fwd: Prep work

Just forwarding a message from a buddy of mine who isn't subscribed to the list...

I was working on a fossil for a small museum. They told me that there >wasn't enough room for me there but I could take the fossil home and >work on it. Some friends of mine own a rock shop and I asked if I >could work behind the store in a roofed area. They said sure. I bought >an air scribe and went to work. The first day a man came by and asked >me what I was doing, I said I was preparing a fossil. He asked me >where was my tip jar. Tip jar? I said that that was the first day I >was working there and didn't have a tip jar. He went into the store >and a half hour later he came back and gave me a $5. The next day I >had a tip jar.
And I did enjoy talking to people asking me what I was doing (though
sometimes it was hard to get things done on the fossil), and the most >I made was about $30, the least of nothing, but hey, that was free >money :) So I think it's a good idea to have an area for the lay >person to ask questions and see how prep work is done.

Tristan Jones


End relay.

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