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Feduccia on Bird Origins

> If you have not seen the February 2003 issue of _Discover_, you will be
> pleased to learn that some of its content is available on line.
> At <www.discover.com/current_issue/index.html>, click on "R&D."  Then
> click on "Discover Dialogue: Alan Feduccia" to reach the article.  He
> comments on bird origins, faked feathered dinosaur fossils, and the
> first appearance of modern bird orders.
> I cannot agree with his views, which are contradicted by hard evidence,
> but I thought others would like to see what he has to say,
> and in a widely read popular magazine at that.
> Best wishes,
> ---------Ralph W. Miller III
>              ralph.miller@alumni.usc.edu
> What flying amphibians is he referring to?