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RE: From Nature: "Fossil boosts trees-down start for flight"


I was able to get the full text version (and copied it and the figures
into Word).  I was unable to get to the PDF version - but I could create
one if I felt like it.  [  :-)  ]

I don't know if the rest of the issue is unsecured, I've only started
looking at it.  

Really good pictures.  The diagram shows wings on the hind limbs that
look like wings as full as the front wings.  Could both front and back
wings flap?  If so, could this explain the disconnect between front and
hind limb locomotion - something that we find in birds and in some sea
creatures (with paddles...)?

Allan Edels 

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Toni Geoly wrote:
> http://www.nature.com/nsu/030120/030120-7.html

Has anyone else noticed that, if you click on the link next to the
reference at the bottom of the above-mentioned page, you have complete
access to the full-text version of the article? I only have an account
that allows me to read abstracts, and this time it didn't even require
registration at all. Is this entire issue free or just this article? Or
has someone messed up the security? Either way, try going to:


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