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Re: Four winged dinosaur?

It is so killer... it is so totally killer... I need a poet.

The leg feathers are indisputable. What's more, the feathers on the
metatarsus are the most asymmetric, fully within the range of primaries of
flying birds. Before someone studies the hip joints (the authors don't) I
won't buy the tetrapteryx affair, but what else could such feathers be good
for... Maybe they attached to the lateral side of the mt instead of (as
apparently preserved) the caudal one??? If so, maybe the animal was a
double-decker that glided in a squatting position??? Or maybe it was a
windsurfer that made its own wind??? Pfffff...

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From: "Allan Edels" <edels@msn.Com>

> I was able to get the full text version (and copied it and the figures
> into Word).  I was unable to get to the PDF version - but I could create
> one if I felt like it.  [  :-)  ]

Oh, if we're that far, ask me for the pdf. University access.

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> tuberocity

That's how they spell it in the paper. :-P

> Very cool things.  And still more on the way... :-)