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Re: INTRODUCING Microraptor gui (or Cryptovolans pauli, or Microraptor pauli, or...)

From: "Thomas R. Holtz, Jr."

> Now, for the big interpretation.  Xu et al. consider the elongated leg
> feathers as gliding supports, and have a restoration of _Microraptor_ with
> its leg splayed out to the side.  I find this very questionable, given
> there is no particular evidence that _Microraptor_ to move into this
> position (which in your typical dinosaur would require popping the femoral
> head out of the socket).

I strongly prefer HP Luis Rey's interpretation.

Something else unusual: Did you see the feathers attached to digit 1? Even
_Archaeopteryx_ and _Confuciusornis_ don't have it.
And "Dave"? Difficult to tell IMHO where the feathers beyond the thumb come

> No, I don't have any good alternative explanation for the elongated leg
> feathers.  Rudder?  Aid in prey capture?  Display?  Genetic link by serial
> homology with the arm feathers?

I hope the leg feathers haven't be "added" to make the fossil more
How can one be sure those features are true?

Cheers - Aspidel.