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"And still more on the way..."

Dr. Thomas Holtz wrote-

Like _Microraptor zhaoianus_ and the _C. pauli_ type, _M. gui_

Are we really sure these aren't all just the same species as the type? I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

I find this very questionable, given that
there is no particular evidence that _Microraptor_ to move into this
position (which in your typical dinosaur would require popping the femoral head out of the socket).

Aren't *Rahonavis* and *Archaeopteryx* lacking in the "typical dinosaur" ball-shaped femoral head? Is it possible that this might be an adaption for this type of behavior or at least greater spread of the legs?

No, I don't have any good alternative explanation for the elongated leg feathers. Rudder? Aid in prey capture? Display? Genetic link by serial homology with the arm feathers? Nevertheless, given the constraints of the
pelvic anatomy, I do not see how the leg feathers could be used as a
laterally-oriented flight surface.

Here's an idea, I'm not sure if you're suggesting but I'll go ahead. Perhaps the feathers did function as rudders if perhaps the taxon in question flew (or glided) in the same position as the "protoavian" in Paul 2002...

Very cool things.  And still more on the way... :-)

I'm still trying to put together a data matrix... I can't handle all of these new critters... Luis Rey was right!



Nick Gardner

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