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Re: Archie skull pneumatics?

Jaime A. Headden wrote-

Nicki Gardner (ratites637@hotmail.com) wrote:

Er... Nick Gardner... You probably just made a typo.

[snipped in reference to *Scansoriopteryx* and *Epidendrosaurus*]

Ah, I realized that after I caught one of Mickey's later posts...

The Solnhofen specimen preserves only 17 caudals, but the series is incomplete, lacking the last few vertebrae; according
to Elzanowski, there would only have been about 3-4 vertebrae missing, based on comparisons to other specimens, suggesting the
specimen had an original caudal count of 20-21.

I'm still left wondering about *W. grandis*, has anyone tried running all of the *Archaeopteryx* specimens as separate OTUs?

Not published, but may or may not be accurate. This is Mickey's
count from the photos at the AMNH website of NGMC 91, "Dave." Wait for the paper, certain that it will be in _American Museum
Novitates_ ... but that's what I thought about the *Shuvuuia* monograph that was published in
LA, too....

Been waiting... will continue to.

Nick Gardner

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