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Re: 'Four-winged' Microraptor discovery

Daniel Bensen wrote:

> So freakin' cool!
> Three Cheers for Luis Rey, who not only predicted this sort of thing,
> but actually assigned the four-wings to genus Microraptor
> http://www.luisrey.ndtilda.co.uk/html/chinesenov.htm

No big deal though... it was for everybody to see in the original
Microraptor paper, where for the first time long feathers are described
surrounding the legs well away from the 'normal' places where you are
supposed to find them attached.

Three cheers for Feduccia's 'Proavis' somehow materialized... Only, sadly
for him, not the way he wanted...

I must add, the metatarsal feathers  are a lot longer in the fossil than in
my reconstruction.
....and they are real penaceous feathers alright.

Luis Rey

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