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Re: Sifaka and Chukar Behavior: Trees Down or Ground Up?

Here's a larger image of Sloan's restoration:
The head is unlikely IMHO.
Cheers - Aspidel.

From: "Jaime A. Headden"
>   Both in the arm and leg, the feathers taper as a set to a single, pointy
> tip, rather than a broad fan. The restoration of Portia Sloan indicates a
> narrow yet rounded wing on both sets of limbs, yet the fossils appear to
> indicate that they tapered very strongly on the arm, but were broad on the
> leg; thus, the Sloan restoration, as in Figure 1c of the paper, has a
> broader wing and narrow leg fan than should be neccessary. The leg
> feathers similarly appear to orient from the metatarsus at a narrow angle
> of about 60 degrees or so, and would not likely have interferred in
> bipedal walking, or trunk-climbing. The tail fan in the fossil is
> indicated not as a broad, lozenge-shaped structure but rather as a
> smaller, narrow rhomboid structure in TNP00996 (Figure 2e), rather similar
> to that in "rhamphorhynchoid" pterosaurs, including the balance of a long,
> slender tail, underexaggerated in the restorations.