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Re: T. rex monograph & CD

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From: "Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." <tholtz@geol.umd.edu>
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Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2003 10:26 AM
Subject: T. rex monograph & CD

> Greetings,
> Just wanted to do a brief review of the SVP Memoir 7:
> ....
> (As a side note, Brochu points out that "reversed sexual dimorphism"
> (female larger) is most marked in those predatory birds which fly after
> other birds, a behavior which (I quote) is "something tyrannosaurs likely
> did not do."  :-)

Now that we have to consider the possibility that _Tyrannosaurus_ had flight
feathers on its thighs, I think Chris Brochu should reconsider his hasty
conclusions about tyrannosaurs' aerial abilities.


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