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Re: INTRODUCING Microraptor gui (or Cryptovolans pauli, or Microraptor pauli, or...)

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:

> No, I don't have any good alternative explanation for the elongated leg
> feathers.  Rudder?

Yes, it could possibly be used for that, in partial compensation for
reduced tail control, but I tend to suspect that other non-flight
oriented factors may be equally important.

  Aid in prey capture?  Display?  Genetic link by serial
> homology with the arm feathers?  Nevertheless, given the constraints of the
> pelvic anatomy, I do not see how the leg feathers could be used as a
> laterally-oriented flight surface.

I have no opinion on that, not having seen the pelvic structure. 
Assuming it is well enough preserved, it should give an immediate answer
for your observation.

> Very cool things.

They sure are.