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Re: dino-bird exhibit in london

HP Robert J. Schenck wrote:

> i am planning on going to the dino-bird exhibit
> in london next month.  Does anyone know what
> specimins in particular are on display there, i
> wanted to look at some of the pertinent articles
> before going.
I went to this exhibit a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it alot, especially
seeing the specimen of Protarchaeopteryx (who appears to have had some form
of semi-pygostyl at the end of it's tail, sketch available of course) in
greater detail. Many specimens turned out to be larger than that I initially
thought, such as Confuciusornis and "Dave"... It's not a really big exhibit
but surely enough to keep you busy for at least a whole hour or even more
(like in my case to get all the details), but the specimens on display are:

Confuciusornis (slab and counterslab)
Liaxiornis (slab and counterslab)
Sinornis (indicated as Cathayornis though)
Caudipteryx (two specimens)
Sinosauropteryx (two specimens, the holotype and the larger referred
"Dave" (the juvie Sinornithosaurus)

John Sibbick made all the artwork and he really did a great job with the
specimens, illustrating them as really lively animals, quite the contrary to
the work he has done for the (outdated, but great) Illustrated Encyclopedia
of Dinosaurs.

As for references, well, a search through the past magazines of Nature
wouldn't hurt, as well as the National Geographic issue from 1998, juni or
july, maybe somebody else can help out with this one...please?

Enjoy the exhibit (which you will undoubtly do)!


Rutger Jansma