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Re: Archie skull pneumatics?

Mickey Mortimer wrote-
Jaime explained it well enough.

Yes, I understand now.

(using my Holtz brand Genericometer of course)

I went down to Home Depot the other day and apparently they don't carry those. I think I'll check Amazon.com next. ;)

Wellnhoferia has only fifteen caudals preserved (contra Jaime's
statement of seventeen), and Elzanowski estimates another couple were originally present, giving a lower vertebral count than Archaeopteryx.

Ehm, if only 15 are preserved and then two more are estimated to be present, then how is Jaime wrong as that would be 17.

I'm including Wellnhoferia as a separate OTU in my in progress
(but finally
progressing) analysis, along with our new friend Microraptor? gui.

I still doubt that *Microraptor gui* is a separate species. How can one argue that the pubis in *M. zhaoianus* was not strongly bowed in lateral view if the holotype and the referred specimen are preserved in ventral view? And tibia appears bowed in the holotype of *M. zhaoianus* as well. Therefore, that's two characters that aren't definitely separating them any more.

Nick Gardner

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