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Re: Feduccia's allegations

--- Aspidel <aspidel@wanadoo.be> wrote:
> feathers imprints, I guess Feduccia wouldn't have
> noticed anything, and he'd
> have let it be a dinosaur.

However, the bigger issue is that Dr. Feduccia is
already irrelevant. He is poised to be forgotten by
history and what ever he may bicker about is already
valueless to science. Atleast the Czerkases did turn
out to be right that some deinonychoasaurs flew.
Feduccia contradicts himself by alternatively calling
Archaeopteryx and bird and a half-bird "half reptile"
is only going to sink him deeper and deeper into
ignomy. I wonder if he is the Last of the Bandits
gunning away aimlessly in a hopeless battle ? or do
Rueben, Geist, and Martin still hold out from their
little forts?

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