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Re: Feduccia's allegations (didn't we cover all this already?)

--- ekaterina A <a_ekaterina@yahoo.com> wrote:
> --- Aspidel <aspidel@wanadoo.be> wrote:
> > feathers imprints, I guess Feduccia wouldn't have
> > noticed anything, and he'd
> > have let it be a dinosaur.
> > 
> However, the bigger issue is that Dr. Feduccia is
> already irrelevant. He is poised to be forgotten by
> history and what ever he may bicker about is already
> valueless to science. Atleast the Czerkases did turn
> out to be right that some deinonychoasaurs flew.
> Feduccia contradicts himself by alternatively calling
> Archaeopteryx and bird and a half-bird "half reptile"
> is only going to sink him deeper and deeper into
> ignomy. I wonder if he is the Last of the Bandits
> gunning away aimlessly in a hopeless battle ? or do
> Rueben, Geist, and Martin still hold out from their
> little forts?

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