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Re: Feduccia's allegations (let's try that again...)

> [...]
> Alan Feduccia is
> a) wrong
> b) crazy
> c) some combination of a) and b)

Nononononooo. He is fully correct that heaps of fossils are faked in China.
:-) Probably most are plain obvious, though. I've seen jpegs of 2 "new
dromaeosaurs" that someone would almost have bought... upper and lower legs
had switched places. -- Flying amphibians? I think he means the parachuting
frogs, *Rhacophorus*. ~:-|

The Yixian deposits do have similarities to the Burgess Shale: chock full of
fossils, (going to be) studied in detail by loads of scientists for decades,
and preserving a time that was noticeably later than the evolutionary events
they are of interest for. The preservation, however, is often more like in
the Early Cambrian Chenjiang sediments which preserve anomalocaridids with
legs, the oldest known vertebrates, etc.. Will be interesting to find out
how old the supposedly LJ sites ("MJ -- possibly EK") in Inner Mongolia are.
Of course MJ is the most interesting possibility. In the meantime, let's
hope for more material of *Eshanosaurus*. :-)