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Occam, Start Your Engine...

Ok now... I'm not singling out any particular thread here... I'd just like to 
say a lil somethin about the goings on... Nothin much... Just a simple 

There are things happening here with _Microraptor_ that are akin to a strawman 
on steroids... I mean really now... The whole idea behind a hypothesis is to 
make a prediction and then see if it comes out to match that prediction...

Let's see... Tree down means we would see small theropods close to or actually 
being dromaeosaurs with feathered foils on their limbs... Not knowing how this 
leads to the next steps in the evolution of flight means little. Not being able 
to see variations that were and are not predictable in the first place, and not 
being able to see how selective pressures ended up working on these variations, 
does not negate their possibilities of having come about.

Seeing early filtering devices and showing how these features became gills and 
then parts of the tongue and then the middle ears in vertebrates does not ring 
out as being a logical conclusion... It is simply what just happened folks.

Occam's Bulldozer... Vroom Vroom Vroom!!!!!!