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Re: Occam, Start Your Engine...

Mr. Hartman, I'm kinda confused. You lost me I think. I might have been a bit 
foggy in my original post. If so, I apologize to you and to anyone else who is 
sitting their scratching their heads.  I invoked Occam's Bulldozer as a way of 
pointing out that we have a lot of ideas being put forth right now concerning   
_Microraptor_ that seem to have the sole purpose of avoiding a prediction... 
This avoidance, apparently, is based off of the inability to clearly see how 
the next steps in the obviously mosaic-like evolution of flight took place. 
This premise is taken even further to mean that since we can't understand how 
certain aspects of theropod flight evolved, given the fossil record that we now 
have at our disposal, new additions and all... this somehow automatically says 
that certain things, whatever in the world they may be, did or did not take 

I hope this clears things up.