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Another theropod infanticide paper

Piotr Zielinski, 2002. Brood reduction and parental
infanticide--are the white stork Ciconia ciconia and
the black stork C. nigra exceptional? Acta
Ornithologica 37(2):113-119
As he notes, among living dinosaurs -- passeriformes
and non-passeriformes -- infanticide has been
documented, it usually being precipitated by a new
breeding partner, regardless of sex. D.W. Mock has
done interesting work on this, brood reduction taking
the form among theropods of fatal starvation,
siblicide, and infanticide, starvation being the
primary brood reduction in theropods. All nestling
bee-eaters have a beak hook, e.g., often used to kill
among themselves (the hook is lost in further growth
stages). Infanticide among dinosaurs has now been
observed in roadrunners, coots, gulls, house and tree
sparrows, spoonbills, and the white and black storks.
Usually, the first chick hatched survives, due to
elevated levels of plasma testosterone concentrations,
and the last chick hatched rarely survives.
A most interesting paper.

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