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Re: Various thoughts re: implictions of _Microraptor_ and bird flight origins

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:

> B) In my view, Dial's discovery demolishes the split between "ground up" and
> "trees down": it shows that people have been talking at cross-purposes.
> Despite what people have been arguing for years, this isn't an "either/or"
> situation, but might better be explained as two different steps in bird
> flight origins, with Dial's Wing-Assisted Incline Running (WAIR) as the
> functional missing link between the two.

I agree.  Been preaching that myself for some time.  I was glad to see
Dial demonstrate it.  He does really good work.
> C) "Butt-fans".  Now that's a different way of putting it!

I think it should become the official terminology.  Made my day when I
saw it.