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dromie/bird ancestors

Greetings all!

Sorry for the cross post, but IMHO this is relevant for both lists.
In connection with this new x-wing glider (or whatever) _Microraptor gui_ the 
apparent age problem came up again: Archie is older than those taxa looking 
like they could be related to Archie's ancestors. (Not really a problem, but a 
little irritating.)
However: About a year ago in Nature IIRC there was published a paper by a whole 
crowd of (mostly Spanish?) authors on the Triassic-Jurassic faunal transition. 
The authors connected it to a catastrophic event caused by an impact. (I have 
the ref somewhere, but I have been moving office...) The authors also looked at 
footprints and had one LT taxon "unnamed theropod, possibly herrerasaurid". I 
know nothing about herrerasaur feet, but I would not expect anything looking 
like the illustrated print: like _Grallator_ it was a toe-walker, but all four 
toes touched the ground, and the second toe had an enlarged ungual. To me it 
looked deinonychosaurian. It was from the Late Triassic. Does anybody know 
anything about this?