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Re: Microraptor gui - the four-winged theropod

Why is it that, whenever something new with aerodynamic feathered
structures comes along, the description often uses it as proof of how
ALL feathered flight originated?

Personally, I don't disregard the possibility that feathered flight (or
gliding, or any other aerodynamic usage for feathered fans) evolved more
than once amongst theropods. Does anyone doubt that gliding membranes
evolved more than once amongst mammals? If it didn't, then gliding
squirrels and possums had a common gliding ancestor - which would of
course mean that pretty much all mammals evolved from some sort of
glider (in order to link rodents with marsupials). Are porcupines and
echidnas derived from a common spiked ancestor, just because both
lineages turned insulatory hair into defensive spikes?

So, was it two-winged gliding, two-winged flapping, or four winged
gliding that lead to feathered flight? My answer is 'yes'.  :)


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