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Re: New bird refs

Ben Creisler wrote-
Alan Fedducia comments on Prum's paper "Why ornithologists
should care about the theropod origin of birds": Birds are
Dinosaurs: Simple Answers to a Complex Problem. pp. 1187-

Took him awhile didn't? I wonder why we never hear from Larry Martin anymore.

Storrs Olson reviews New Perspectives on the Origin and
Early Evolution of Birds. Proceedings of the International
Symposium in Honor of John H. Ostrom. pp. 1202-1205
[[No real surprises in what they have to say I'm afraid.
Curiously, Olson referred to Microraptor as a "bird" on
NPR "All Things Considered" earlier this week (the story
can be heard on the NPR website).]]

Perhaps Olson has converted and now believes that deinonychosaurs are basal birds... ;)

Nick Gardner

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