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Re: Archie skull pneumatics?

> Unlike ion *Epidendrosaurus*,
> the "tooth" occurs at the rear of the dentary, and may be a putative
> difference between the two.
Not quite, based on the preliminary result of analysing (see below) of the
left dentary, there is a tooth in Epidendrosaurus at about the same place to
the one highlighted in the image of Scansoriopteryx send to HP Jaime's
adress. Moreover, basing their seperation on the location of a single tooth
is not accurate science, as, such defects occur at random. For example, here
in Holland there are pidgeons who have only two toes due to such a defect,
but we do not seperate them in different genera based on such a difference.
>   Simialrly, Rutger states that the photos of the type *Epidendrosaurus*
> jaw show several fossae that allude to only seven teeth,

Maybe you did not understand or I was vague, don't know, not important, but
what I meant was that there were only 5 teeth visible when blowing the image
up to a degree that it's big, but that the details are still very visible.
At the moment there is an approximately half way done good image for
internet use using Photoshop 7, but some minor details such as enhanced
contrast and those sort things, still have to be worked on. What I can say
is that only 5 teeth are _visible_, maybe after more detailed examining of
the other half of the dentary, although it is in a somewhat dorsolateral
view, so the details are not that well exposed. The medial side of the left
dentary is well preserved, to a degree that some of the bones can be
confidently identified, but that's something for later. So for the result of
this study, please have patience, it should be done in no time.


Rutger Jansma