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Re: Questioms from James Carey?

From: "Stephan Pickering"

> Nor did I ask about the capacity of these tiny animals
> -- the new Microraptor is 770 mm long -- to be able to
> kill (tell me, Jaime: was such a small adult a
> voracious hunter capable to extinguishing a bus-size
> hadrosaur in a single bound?).

Maybe a liliputian one :-)

> My feeling is that
> these were, in the main, insectivores and frugivores,

Ah, which fruits were present in the Liàoning?
_Taxaceae_? But then they had to be careful, the seeds were likely
_Ginkgoales_? I'd imagine it opening a nut :-) Better suited for
Some conifer seeds? Maybe, we dunno. Some fungi?

> with an occasional tiny lizard or mammal (remember,
> Jaime, the animal is 770 mm long) in the diet...

It's still killing preys. Invertebrates and little vertebrates were probably
its main diet IMHO.

> unless
> one assumes that hundreds of these taxa, in a swarming
> flock, attacked enormous prey.

* reminds me seismosaur.com website* :-)

> "If it built nests"...

It's possible, but there's no evidence for that. One's never found a
fossilized _Microraptor_ nest.

> this stretches my credulity (of course, they
> may have had tiny suitcases to carry their eggs).

I'd rather think it could have brooded like "Big Mama" the oviraptorid, but
why not in nests on the trees.

> My
> speculative thoughts re: brood patches is the source
> of another one of your illogical idiosyncratic
> screeds: I asked if there is any evidence preserved
> re: a brood patch in these feathered dinosaurs
> emerging from China, and it is meaningless to point to
> extant dinosaurs lacking brood patches as the
> predicate logic of your sentence implies, thus,
> pre-K/T feathered dinosaurs lacked them.

It's impossible for me to see if the whole body of the Liàoning dromeys was
feathered or if there were bald areas. Except maybe the "scaly tail" of

> Hmm...tyrannosaurs with butt-fans, and running up
> inclines, is a fascinating source of dream imagery,
> but your iterations are, if attempts at humour, not
> translatable in a G-rated forum.

I'll reply the same way: could you imagine the WAIR experiment with peguins?

Cheers - Aspidel.