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Re: four-winged dino -- ptero homology?

Ray Stanford wrote:


David Peters wrote:

>Pterosaurs have all the characters that separate these "bipedal"
from the strictly quadrupedal ones...<

    Could you provide us a reference which convincingly reveals that
pterosaurs are LIZARDS?!!!

    "Leaping lizards!", David, it sounds as though you're talking about
big leap of faith into fantasy!

    Any I suggest you lay off the "Hello, Dr. Beebe!" invective.  It may

come back to haunt you.  :)

    I'd prefer to discuss pterosaurs with someone with a TRACK RECORD
with a faith axe to grind.

    Ray Stanford
    Mesozoic Track Project
    College Park, Maryland, USA


No, Ray,  I cannot provide a pterosaurs = lizards reference. (I know
that was a rhetoric question.)  : )

If trackways are _all_ you believe in?if phylogeny, morphology, homology
and analogy mean nothing?then Ray, we have only your "leap of faith"
that pterosaurs could fly, because there is no trackway evidence for
this behavior, only phylogeny, morphology, homology and analogy.

David Peters