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Pterosaur tracks - whodunnit

Pterosaur tracks - whodunnit

On 25 Jan David Peters wrote:

'Ray, I know of trackways belonging to ctenochasmatids, pterodactylids, 
gallodactylids, anhanguerids, and azhdarchids.'

I mean like, wow, thats amazing. You actually 'know' that these clades made 
particular tracks. So how exactly do you 'know' this? I only ask because, 
coincidentally, I happen to be writing a review of pterosaur tracks at the 
and this kind of statement just takes the whole thing into another dimension. 


PS: High Horse has been taping turkey feathers to his legs and prancing around 
neighing 'Look at me, look at me, I'm a four-winged horse'. I told him it only 
counts if you are splattered between two big slabs of rock, but he just looked 
down his nose at me.