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HP Darren Naish wrote:
Does anyone out there want a copy of J. Mlikovsky's
_Cenozoic Birds of the World, Part 1: Europe_ (Ninox
Press, 2002) as a pdf? I have it and have to delete it for
disk-space reasons. It's 407 pp and a not insubstantial 2.8M.
You have one week before it's gone.

I wouldn't mind having it, at all.
Just want to mention, though, that you could split it (there are a lot of
good file splitters free in Windows) and save it to 2 or 3 floppies.
You could also save it as a text file (using the Text tool) and then
compress it, unless there are a load of pictures.  You'd be able to save it
on a single floppy then, I expect.
And if you had access to a CD burner...
Anyway, there are a lot of good ways to get it off your hard drive without
losing it completely, if you want.  If I can give you any assistance, please
let me know.