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Re: Pterosaur tracks - whodunnit

Dave Unwin commented:

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Subject: Pterosaur tracks - whodunnit

>Pterosaur tracks - whodunnit<

>On 25 Jan David Peters wrote:<

>>'Ray, I know of trackways belonging to ctenochasmatids, pterodactylids,
gallodactylids, anhanguerids, and azhdarchids.'<<

>I mean like, wow, thats amazing. You actually 'know' that these clades made
particular tracks. So how exactly do you 'know' this? I only ask because,
coincidentally, I happen to be writing a review of pterosaur tracks at the
and this kind of statement just takes the whole thing into another

    Yes, Dave Unwin, Dave Peters 'revelation' kind of leaves one scratching
one's head in abject wonder!


    Oh, if only the better known paleoichnologists (the ones with a track
record) were that adept at track interpretation!  :)

    Ray Stanford

"You know my method.  It is founded upon the observance of trifles." --
Sherlock Holmes in The Boscombe Valley Mystery