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the bipedal ptero-challenge

For Ray Stanford, Jim Cunningham and anyone else who thinks, knows or
believes that pterosaurs could not have walked, run or stood bipedally,
here's a challenge:

Since it is obvious to some that pterosaurs lack certain bipedal
characters, the challenge is to come up with a list of one to ten
physical characters that pterosaur _lack_ that would make them capable
bipeds if they had them.

I'll come up with the first one:

1) they lack bipedal tracks.

Okay, guys, let'erip! I'm serious. I think I must be missing something.


P.S. Old pterosaur news:

Jim, you can pull that wings web page whenever you wish. I think we can
assume that everyone who has wanted to see it has seen it. And thank

"Ctenochasma"  porocrista turns out to be basal to Huanhepterus + the
Azhdarchidae, and not too far from the Ctenochasmatidae. Now instead of
just P. kochi and P. antiquus we have evidence for a wonderful early
splitting of the pterodactylids into distinct basal forms for all the
subsequent pterodactyloids, including the ctenochasmatids,
gallodactylids, sword-nosed forms, ornithocheirids and the azhdarchids.

_All_ pterodactyloids have a premaxillary crest (though quite small and
soft in some) and _all_ have a frontal crest (again often small and

There's also an interesting development of the vomer into a ridge that
descends nearly the length of the teeth lateral to it in a basal
pterodactyloid clade leading toward the dsungaripterids and their
toothless sword-nosed sister taxa.

More later.

David Peters
St. Louis