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Gasosaurus/Szechuanosaurus and Hesperornis

I've just finished reading the translation (via The Polyglot Paleontologist) of Gao's 1998 description of Szechuanosaurus zigongensis. It starts off by mentioning a partial skeleton discovered at Zigong and INITIALLY (capitals are mine) described as Gasosaurus constructus by Dong and Tang in 1985. It then says "...an appended description is hereby conducted.", and goes on to describe S. zigongensis. Unless I'm badly mis-reading it, Gasosaurus is sunk into Szechuanosaurus?? , which I wasn't aware had happened. Can anyone confirm this? The specimens are IVPP V9011, 9012, 9013 and 9014, but I have not been able to track down the catalogue numbers for the Gasosaurus specimens to see if they are the same.
Second query concerns a Field Museum specimen (PA 316) listed as Hesperornis gregaries. I have a number of Hesperornis species but have never seen this one before. Anyone know anything about this?
Graeme Worth