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Re: the bipedal ptero-challenge

David Peters wrote:
> For Ray Stanford, Jim Cunningham and anyone else who thinks, knows or
> believes that pterosaurs could not have walked, run or stood bipedally,
> here's a challenge:

Like Ray, I think that some pterosaurs could probably stand or walk
bipedally for short times.  I just don't think that most of them would
have been stable in that position, and some were probably unable to do
so.  I don't have any particular interest in attempting to prove or
disprove my personal belief.  I'll leave that to others, and would
accept convincing proof in either direction.

> Jim, you can pull that wings web page whenever you wish. I think we can
> assume that everyone who has wanted to see it has seen it. And thank
> you.

You're quite welcome.  The webpage isn't using enough of my storage to
be significant to me.  I'd be happy to leave it there if you wish.  If
you actually do want it removed, send me a private e-mail and I will do

All the best,