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Re: Gasosaurus/Szechuanosaurus and Hesperornis

Graeme Worth wrote-

> I've just finished reading the translation (via The Polyglot
> Paleontologist) of Gao's 1998 description of Szechuanosaurus zigongensis.
> It starts off by mentioning a partial skeleton discovered at Zigong and
> INITIALLY (capitals are mine) described as Gasosaurus constructus by Dong
> and Tang in 1985. It then says "...an appended description is hereby
> conducted.", and goes on to describe S. zigongensis. Unless I'm badly
> mis-reading it, Gasosaurus is sunk into Szechuanosaurus?? , which I wasn't
> aware had happened. Can anyone confirm this? The specimens are IVPP V9011,
> 9012, 9013 and 9014, but I have not been able to track down the catalogue
> numbers for the Gasosaurus specimens to see if they are the same.

The holotype of Gasosaurus is IVPP V7264, while the paratype (three teeth)
is IVPP V 7265.
The holotype material is different from what is described for
"Szechuanosaurus" zigongensis too, including a partial metatarsus with the
hindlimb material for instance.  Also, the figured humerus and pelvis of the
two taxa are quite dissimilar.

Mickey Mortimer