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Re: NY times opinion

Howard Zimmerman (via John Hutchinson) wrote:

Since the geographic strata in which the fossils were found are about 125 million years old, this animal could not have been the progenitor of the avian line.

Mr Obvious says: Golly, he's right!

(However, the fact that _Microraptor_ belongs near the base of the sister group to birds might accord it some relevance to the origin of avian flight.)

The line of thought this fossil might support is that feathers evolved at least twice, once in birds and again in dinosaurs.

I'm bewildered as how _Microraptor_ and its arrangement of feathers could support that particular line of thought. Then again, my head is still spinning after being told that dromaeosaurs aren't really theropods after all. I think it's coz dromaeosaurs have feathers, and feathers (as we all know) should be treated differently to all other characters...


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