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Pterosaur tracks - whodunnit

Dave wrote:

>> Pterosaur tracks - whodunnit

On 25 Jan David Peters wrote:

'Ray, I know of trackways belonging to ctenochasmatids, pterodactylids,
gallodactylids, anhanguerids, and azhdarchids.'

I mean like, wow, thats amazing. You actually 'know' that these clades
particular tracks. So how exactly do you 'know' this? I only ask
coincidentally, I happen to be writing a review of pterosaur tracks at
the moment
and this kind of statement just takes the whole thing into another


The pes and manus of pterosaurs are distinct markers, like fingerprints.
Their various proportions divide them neatly into clades and often
identify genera. Unfortunately pterosaur pes and manus have been
practically ignored in the literature. Some descriptions are available,
but comparisons are lacking. I have a library of pterosaur skeletons and
am often able to match morphology and proportion to tracks. And I'd be
glad to help you or anyone else if you have a specific track you wish to

:  )

David Peters
St. Louis