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Re: Screaming dromaeosaur biplane killers of the air

> Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 23:00:23 EST
> From: GSP1954@aol.com
> In all modern birds large, strongly asymmetrical distal primaries
> with trim edges are always used for flight, display is at best a
> secondary function.  Since this form applies to the distal leg
> feathers [of _M. gui_] the only logical scientific conclusion is
> that they evolved primarily for flight, and that display was at most
> a secondary use.  If the dromaeosaur's leg feathers were the same
> size yet symmetrical then it could only be concluded that they were
> for display.  But this is not the case, ergo arguing that
> aerodynamic feathers were mainly for display is not logical of
> scientific.

Sorry if I'm being dense here, but in arguing that the leg feathers
were involved in flight in the same way as the arm feathers, and
having also argued that _M. gui_ was a true flapping flying rather
than a glider, are you saying that it flapped its legs?

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