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Re: RFI: Jehol, Yixian, Liaoning

An hour or two ago, I asked:

        It seems that the terms "Jehol theropod", "Yixian
        theropod" and "Liaoning theropod" are used more or
        less interchangably much of the time, but I'm sure
        those three words actually refer to different things.
        If someone in the know could please drop me a brief
        note explaining the distinction, I'll report back to
        the list.  Many thanks.

Thanks to HPs David Marjanovic, Mickey Mortimer and "Desert Yeti", I
now have an answer.  

* Liáoníng is the Chinese province where most of the feathered
  theropods (Jeez, I sound like HP Pickering!) come from.  Not all,
  though: for example, _Epidendrosaurus_ is from neighbouring Inner

* Jehol is the name of the group, exposed in Liáoníng province, 
  that contains the Yixian and Juifotang formations.  The name comes
  from the pre-Chinese name of the area, which appears in Chinese as

* Yixian is the name of the specific formation within the Jehol group
  wherein most of the wacky theropods are found.  It extends from the
  Hauterivian to the Barremian (both Early Cretaceous, approximately
  132-121 Mya).  The lower part has sometimes been separated as the
  Chaomidianzi formation, but no boundary can be found, so most people
  ignore it.

Hope this helps someone else as well as me!

(If you have any corrections, please send them to me, and I will
summarise to the list: again, I am trying to prevent a discussion
breaking out :-)

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