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let's build a dinosaur


I'm interested in the idea of doing some 3d visualisations of the kind
we've seen recently in WWD and other programmes, and I wondered whether
there's anyone on this list who would like to co-operate on the project.
Basically, the idea would be to create a creature by committee if you
like, with me designing the model from whatever information we have and
then posting images so we can agree on refinements until we have the
creature looking as accurate as possible.  We can then start looking at
skin textures, colouring and possibly animation.

Although I'd be doing it with the idea of eventually developing the work
into something more - illustrations for a book, or animation, or
whatever, it will be just a spare-time experiment to begin with, so I'm
looking for people whose experience and work will both add to the
project and benefit from it.    

I'm no stranger to building creatures - in fact I'm the author of a
creature designing add-on for one of the most used animation packages
(check out  http://www.digimation.com/asp/product.asp?product_id=364 ),
and an author on 3 books about video editing and effects (Revolutionary
Premiere, Revolutionary After Effects, and After Effects Most wanted).
I've also built a live 3D Devonian seascape

I'm open to suggestions about the kind of animal we'd work on, but I'd
like to avoid the famous names which seem to have been revived to death
(!?)  I'm up for anything that might be interesting and useful to those
on the list, and that includes everything from fish through early
reptiles, dinosaurs, and on.

I'd like to avoid fur and feathers to start with, though, so let's not
leap on the four winged bandwagon (!?) - at least until someone works
out where it's going.

So get in touch if you're interested.

Christian Darkin