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2 P.antiquus questions

I have two questions perhaps someone can help me with.

The first pterosaur described, the holotype of Pterodactylus antiquus,
is virtually complete and articulated. The left femur is broken at the
pelvis leaving most of the shaft in place and intact. Apparently  the
proximal articular surface is buried deep still in the acetabulum
because it has that broken circle look to it.  What's missing is most of
the head of the femur. Perhaps I found it lodged in the left upper
temporal fenestra (it looks like a baseball in a catcher's mitt).  A few
splinters are located just aft of the pelvis.

1. Can someone point to a previous reference in which the "missing"
femoral head is located?

2. What sort of of taphonomic process would be strong enough to crack
off a femoral head and leave the rest of the skeleton undamaged?

Just curious.
David Peters
St. Louis