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the bi-pedal pterosaur challenge: fact check

David Unwin wrote:
>> Bipedal lizards as pterosaur
analogs? The osteological/soft tissue anatomy and proportions of
pterosaurs are not even vaguely similar to those of lizards so this is a

poor case based on a dubious technique.


Correction: A tracing of a basilisk in lateral view very neatly matches
up to one of Preondactylus in nearly every respect but the fore limbs.

>> 1000's of tracks have been
reported but, so far, not a single one shows pterosaurs proceeding
bipedally on the hind limbs alone, or in a digitigrade fashion.


Correction: the only pre-pterodactyloid tracks so far reported (Mazin
et. al 2001 "Could they be the first rhamphorhynchid tracks? Yes!") are
reported as digitgrade in the pes.  The tracks match those of
With its tiny sternum and worn upper fang tips, Dorygnathus was probably
not a great soarer, but rather an early wading dipper.

David Peters
St. Louis