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Re: Screaming dromaeosaur biplane killers of the air

HP Tim Williams wrote:

> BTW, it is difficult to prove that _Archaeopteryx_'s legs were

Here's something copied from Feduccia's book "The Origin and Evolutions of
Birds" dealing with Archaeopteryx. For those who own the book, it's on page

It's coupled with an image left to it, so when there is a reference, it's
that image:

"Pencil tracing of the Berlin specimen of Archaeopteryx in the Yale
University Archival Collection, showing the presence of contour feathers on
various parts of the body, including the throat, back, brest, and legs,
which were apparently later prepared away."

The sketch was found in August 1983 (good year... :)) by Meriam Schwartz,
secretary to John Ostrom. The specimen shows that Archaeopteryx most likely
had a complete covering of contour body feathers. And for those of you who
believe that Feduccia gave his own impression of the specimen, the drawing
is dated as 7 March 1879, the reason being a possible saling to the Yale
Peabody Museum.

As for the legs, as above mentioned, contour feathers were present
originally in the tibia + fibula area, although none are being indicated
around the femora and metatarsals.

For those who don't own the book, a scan of the image is available to anyone
who requests it.


Rutger Jansma