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Re: When did the comsognathid lineage end? (fwd)

Richard Hebda wrote-
I am constucting a graphic of dinosaur family tree for a big exhibit on
Chinese dinosaurs to open very soon. In consultation with Philip Currie I
have placed Sinosauropteryx in the Compsognathid line. Does the line extend
beyond this point and if so when can I end it. Hard to find in any
literature available to me.

As I understand it, the unnamed Santana form and Aristosuchus are also considered to be compsognathids. I believe that the former was described in the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences but I do not know the citation. O. Rauhut believed Koparion to also be a compsognathid but most other researchers recognize it as a very basal troodontid.

And, CMIIW, but don't some (HP Longrich?) disagree about the compsognathid placement of Sinosauropteryx?

Nick Gardner

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