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Aspect ratio and screaming dromies

Oh.  Then I take it you are not talking about aspect ratio as it is
normally defined in flight mechanics?

Jaime A. Headden wrote:

>   I was referring to longest primary on the second digit to bony wing
> length, and the general shape of the wing, which are similar in eagles and 
> swans,

Aren't these two different things?  Should we use the same word to refer
to both without some additional clarification?  Particularly since in
flight mechanics, the phrase 'aspect ratio' has a very precise meaning
that isn't directly related to the general shape of the wing.  By that,
I mean that a pelican-like wing and a pointed-tip wing have a very
different shape, but can have exactly the same aspect ratio (though it
is true that the pointed-tip wing will usually have the greater aspect
All the best,