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* Fossil-mad mum's missing link quest * Climate change helped do in dinosaurs * Theory glides on wings of dinosaur * DINOSAURNEWS

Welcome to this edition of  DINOSAURNEWS.

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The headlines:

**  Fossil-mad mum's missing link quest
Mrs Cornish, 44, of Hawes Lane, West Wickham, visited Beijing to bring back
a selection of "dino-bird" fossils found in Lao Ning, north east China, for

**  Scientists say climate change helped do in dinosaurs
Researchers in Alberta say recent data suggest dinosaurs were in decline
long before a catastrophic asteroid wiped out the population

**  SUE Arrives at Museum of Idaho
SUE will be the museum's largest exhibit and will fill about a quarter of
the museum's new glass-enclosed annex


**  Dinosaur Walk Museum
It's the newest thing to hit Pigeon Forge, and it's touted as the world's
largest collection of life-sized dinosaurs

**  Class extracts dino bones
It might look like the students are merely hitting rocks with a hammer, but
they're actually painstakingly retrieving a fossil from a plaster wrapping
known as a jacket

**  Dinosaur tracks found in southern N.M
Kappus, 28, came across some indentations in the rock and realized he had
stumbled across a large bed of dinosaur tracks

**  Prehistoric tusks point to earliest fossil evidence of differences
between sexes
The large tusks of an animal that roamed Earth before the dinosaurs may
provide the earliest evidence yet of male-female distinctions in land
animals that existed millions of years ago

**  Arkansas students discover giant fossil
University of Arkansas students unearthed the world's largest fossil of the
squidlike, straight-shelled cephalopod at a city intersection as cars and
trucks zipped by them

**  Theory glides on wings of dinosaur
Scientists in China have discovered the first fossil of a four-winged
dinosaur, which they say shows the first fliers glided down from trees
rather than ascended from the ground on the beat of a wing.

**  Discovery Channel to Shoot Dinosaur Film
The segment, titled "Prehistoric North America," will include animated
dinosaurs that graze near the town of Flora and swoop down from rocks
overlooking Imnaha, the Snake River and the Seven Devils mountains of Idaho

**  A virtual catalogue of the world
On a simple table, under a bright light, the fossilized skull of a
protoceratops is waiting for its close-up.

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