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Yes, what is apparently the fourth nomen nudum for 
_Eotyrannus lengi_ has just been brought to my attention 
(FYI, the others are _Gavinosaurus_, _Lengosaurus_ and 
_Kittysaurus_). It is _Fusinasus lengi_ Hutt 2002 and 
appears in an article Steve has published on said theropod. 

The new name is mentioned in the text as follows: 'Back to 
our dinosaur research! Originally, being rather conservative 
in my approach to research, I decided on the rather clumsy 
name _Fusinasus Lengi_ [sic] (Leng's fused-nosed 
dinosaur), because the most interesting part of the skeleton 
are [sic] a pair of fused nasal bones in form similar to those 
of _Tyrannosaurus rex_ but only about 1/8th of the size. 
After involving colleagues at Portsmouth University, they 
came up with a much better name: _Eotyrannus lengi_' (p. 

The full citation for this is...

Hutt, S. 2002. Mr Leng's dinosaur. _The Geological Society 
of the Isle of Wight Newsletter_ 2 (6), 12-14.

The issue is dated December 2002.

Darren Naish
School of Earth & Environmental Sciences
University of Portsmouth UK, PO1 3QL

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