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placental mammal evolution: new paper & Stephen Gould

The latest on-line edition of the Proceedings of the
National Academy of Sciences is available, and a new
paper is accessible:
Mark S. Springer, W.J. Murphy, Eduardo Eiznik, S.J.
O'Brien, 2003. Placental mammal diversification and
the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary.
I cannot close this note without noting that a fine
tribute issue re: Stephen Jay Gould has been published
by Mike Shermer's SKEPTIC, 9(4), 2002. Richard
Milner's paper and music lyrics are moving. Mike
Shermer's analysis of SJG's output is worth carefully
reading. SJG is deeply missed, as I had hoped he would
return to the dinosaurs in a paper, as he had
delightedly seen the Ostrom tribute volume, etc.

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