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Jurassic Park 4 News

This comes fmo the Jan 30th "edition" of the DarkHorizons movies news
site. Consume, of course, with copious quantities of sodium chloride...


Jurassic Park IV: Its been a while since we've had a juicy piece of goss
on the next dino thriller, and so 'Steel Maverick' arrives just in time
with this morsel:

"I just wanted to pass along to you some interesting tid-bits I learned
about the fourth Jurassic Park movie (I'm a big fan) whilst visiting the
Amblin offices. They were tight-lipped about the big details, but I
managed to get some VERY cool goodies for you all:

12 years after the first movie, John Hammond's dinosaurs have apparently
become urban legend. Most of the public has become skeptical they ever
existed. Part of the plot involves the discovery of previously
unidentified lizard-like animals showing up on mainland Costa Rica and
conflicting with the locals (killing them?). To find out what the heck is
going on, a team of experts chart an expedition to one of the off-shore
islands. They find out the dinosaurs are thriving and breeding at an
uncontrollable rate, so much so that it poses a threat to the nearby
continent. They must find a way to curb the spread of the dinos or face an
ecological disaster.

I want to make clear that is not the WHOLE story. There is apparently some
top-secret aspect of the plot that they refused to even hint to me. They
only said that Spielberg was "delighted" with it. In Michael Crichton's
novel The Lost World it was discovered that the dinosaurs have been
accidentally infected by a disease code-named DX by InGen. Expect this
concept to be carried over to JPIV. They don't end up sending in the
military to bomb the place, because in time, DX will prevent the dino's
continued existence. This leads me to believe JPIV will probably be the
last one.

Spielberg is indeed looking to get Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum back on
board as part of the "team of experts." I asked eveyone I could if they
knew of Richard Attenborough's involvement, but nobody knew "at this
stage." I got the impression that everyone is feeling JPIV will turn out
to be something quite special, more an intelligent thriller in the vein of
the original (which would REALLY be cool!)"