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Re: Jurassic Park 4 News

> Consume, of course, with copious quantities of sodium chloride...

Lizardlike? What about _birdlike_? A running bird with a long tail and nasty
evil teeth? In the book of the 1st part they can't even tell a theropod
apart from a lizard with a 3-toe anomaly. Hilarious.

> [...] In Michael Crichton's
> novel The Lost World it was discovered that the dinosaurs have been
> accidentally infected by a disease code-named DX by InGen.

Can't remember this.

> Expect this
> concept to be carried over to JPIV. They don't end up sending in the
> military to bomb the place, because in time, DX will prevent the dino's
> continued existence. This leads me to believe JPIV will probably be the
> last one.

Don't forget the sylvine you should take with all that halite, or you'll get
ugly big necroses from osmotic imbalance. I mean, isn't it obvious that some
of the dinos, at least, will mutate a little and become resistant?!? We will
see "Jurassic Park XVIII: Does It Taste Like Chicken?", as someone
speculated years ago. Die another day!

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" by you!
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